Wheat Ridge, CO

You must deal with storm damage fast. If you don’t, there’s a danger of rot setting in or the damage worsening. Fast damage repair, however, can be easier said than done if you need to jump through hoops for your insurer.

That’s why, at Centennial Roofing Plus, we help you get your claim through correctly and quickly. With our extensive experience as roofing contractors, we know what the insurance company wants you to present.

We can’t guarantee that they’ll approve your claim. We can guarantee that the company won’t decline the application because of a simple misstep.

Call us to conduct a full hail damage roof inspection. Our expert inspector will evaluate the situation and gather any evidence required. From there, we’ll discuss your roof repair or roof replacement options with you.

We’re the Wheat Ridge, CO, roofing company that cares. We’ll help you get your hail-damage roof repair claim submitted before the damage worsens. Then you sit back and let our expert team work their magic.

Our Services as a Roofing Contractor in Wheat Ridge, CO

We’re more than just a roofing company; we’re your support system. Please speak to us for an honest appraisal of the damage.

Hail Damage Roof Repair is Just the Beginning

Storm damage is our specialty. If you suspect hail damage, roof, or building, give us a call. Most roofing companies in Wheat Ridge, CO, focus on roof repair or replacement. Our roofing company understands that storm damage extends further.

We offer the following repair and replacement services as well.


Loose siding isn’t just a cosmetic issue; it’s dangerous. Gaps between the wall and the siding allow moisture to seep in. This moisture can lead to the development of mold and provide a water source for pests.


Damaged gutters can’t manage water runoff effectively. This reduced water drainage, in turn, can lead to puddling and extra strain on your roof. A water feature in the garden is pretty. Water cascading through your living room isn’t.

Doors and Windows

Storm damage affects more than just the roof. Windows might break. Doors and window frames might swell thanks to the excess moisture.

Call us and let our expert team assist you.

What We Love About Wheat Ridge, CO

Is there some prospector’s hoard buried somewhere in Wheat Ridge, CO? Possibly – the town was a popular way station for prospectors during the Gold Rush in the 1800s. Today life continues at a more sedate pace.

Wheat Ridge is a close-knit community with a strong sense of their heritage. Visit the Baugh House to see what accommodations were on offer in the 1860s.

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