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When it comes to siding, there are many options that will prep your palace and make it look pristine. Here at Centennial Roofing Plus, we offer a variety of siding options for residential & commercial properties. From Vinyl Siding, to craftsman style Hardie board, we can provide you with the perfect option. There’s a lot of factors that fall into selecting the right siding for your project, like energy efficiency, aesthetically pleasing, budget friendly, and so much more! Our siding contractors are highly trained & knowledgably to provide you with the most cost-effective option for your budget.

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Vinyl Siding Contractor

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

As the best company for vinyl siding in Centennial, CO, our siding is constructed to lay nice and flat against the exterior of the house. This ultimately creates an extra barrier of insulation and protects your home from the possible infiltration of moisture. The added insulation helps to lock warm air inside your home in the winter months and retains cold air inside your home during the summer months leading to a reduction in your cooling and heating costs. Along with this benefit of energy efficiency, the foam backed vinyl siding also provides more durability to the exterior of your home. It fortifies the outside walls of your house and creates an extra barrier, resulting in more peace and quiet from external noises. This product not only works well but is guaranteed to be very pleasing to the eyes.

Benefits of Hardie Board Siding

Looking for something other than vinyl siding? Our residential roofing Centennial CO contractors have got you covered! We specialize in the installation Hardie Plank siding as well! Hardie plank siding is thicker and more durable, and its thickness allows for deeper textures to give your home a better overall aesthetic. Hardie Board siding has gained a lot of traction in the past few years, and is most popular for its appearance. It can be made to mimic a lot of other siding materials, such as wood lap siding & wood shake siding, while providing durability and low maintenance of fiber-cement. Our siding contractors recommend Hardie board to those looking for longevity & durability. Hardie board receives very little damage, if any at all, during the rough Colorado hail storms. As the best siding company in Centennial CO, we provide a wide range of colors, textures, and style collections. We are sure that we will have what you’re looking for!

Hardie Board Installation
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Why Choose Our Siding Company?

Our name says it all, Centennial Roofing Plus. The plus stands for all of the other storm damage restoration & new construction needs you may be looking for other than roofing. Whether it be a replacement patio door, or wanting to revamp your house with stylish siding. Our Centennial roofing teams are highly trained & have years of experience when it comes to siding, which is what makes us the best siding company in the area. New commercial construction, craftsman style home build, existing home remodel, or even storm damage siding repair, we are here to help! Call today to get started with a free consultation and let our roofing contractors take care of all your home building needs.