Centennial Roofing Plus, Ken Caryl, CO

Did you know that the elements can do catastrophic damages to your roof? As a result, it’s essential to have a safety net in mind before the potential disaster happens. Storms and hail can do a number on your roof, but Centennial Roofing Plus has your back!

Centennial Roofing Plus Services

The company is one of the best-rated in Ken Caryl, CO, when it comes to roof repair, but that’s not all they do. While roofs are the most likely to suffer from a damaging hailstorm, other areas of your house may also be at risk, such as gutters, windows, and doors.

Luckily, Centennial Roofing Plus covers everything. Their experts make sure to get the job done and get everything back to normal in good time following a disaster. No matter how bad the damage may seem, or what material the roof consists of, the roofing company guarantees a high-quality result.

On top of that, the contractors keep in touch with the clients throughout the project. Consequently, the clients can communicate their needs at all times, as they have a say in the entire process.

Finally, Centennial Roofing Plus knows that no two jobs are the same. With this roofing company,  you can expect a highly detailed and customized project, designed to fit the specific needs of your roof or structure. With their stellar customer service, you are sure to leave with satisfaction.

Ken Caryl, CO

Ken Caryl is a small town in the state of Colorado, US. It is in Jefferson County.

The census-designated place has a population of about 33,000, according to recent statistics. It covers an area of 9.76 square miles, making its population density 3,337.2 per square mile.

The town’s history began in 1859, when Major Robert B. Bradford purchased the property. He had built a toll road to help travelers moving from Denver. He had also built the Bradford/Perley House, which burned in 1967 until only the frame remained. The house was added to the list of Most Endangered Sites in Colorado in 2002. However, it has since moved to the “saved” list because of the high efforts of preservation.

Ken Caryl’s population has a median age of 39 years, with 25 percent under the age of 18. On top of that, the town has a median household income of $84,153, whereas the per capita income is $36,862.

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